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**Superstar information post** Bonnie's booster trail

Doesn't she look pretty! Meet Bonnie. You may have come across her on mobile already and you can read about it in the official blog post here!

We have had some questions about her already. 

Why can I not see or use Bonnie?

As you will be aware by now, King add new content all the time on mobile devices because its easier and more flexible than the browser versions. Often content will be tested first and if its going to be given to everyone, will happen later on. 

Because of the amount of players and devices out there, things have to be tested to make sure they work! That might mean that your friends have Bonnie, or even someone in your household does, but you don't. 

This is not an issue, its because there has been a set criteria and a set amount of players/devices that is part of that control test group so they can monitor how it works. These are not always set like that forever, so there may be a time in future things change. 

Where has my +1 gone?

At the time of writing this, I only know of the +1 bonus that players have thought has not been rewarded. There may be other changes as content often changes through the testing phase.

The +1 booster that you win in the trail works a little differently in that you don't actually get them adding up in the boosters +1 section. When you open the next level, you will see some crops have been boosted. The way it was explained to me sounds like when you use beans on Rancid, the collectable crops get extra points on them. So when you open the next level, if you think you haven't been awarded it, check the crops. 

Like any other new feature there are bound to be teething problems, so if things are not working the way you think they should be, then please don't hesitate to post and we will be happy to help you :)

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What to do on level 202

Three months ago
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