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Behind the Scenes: New levels are out - and the Game Studio tells you all about it!

Hi everyone! 

We have a special treat for you today! Not only the new episode with new Brilliant levels are out, we have the Diamond Diaries game studio here giving you their thoughts about the new episode. Super exciting! You'll what they have to say below the video. 

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"In this exciting new episode, you will be able to complete another 20 amazing levels.

You can find classic levels and also new and innovative levels. Our favorite levels are: 603, 607, 617. These three levels feature innovative gameplay and require a new way of thinking to be passed.

Level 603 is a horizontal long level in which you have to get rid of the amethysts in order to let the diamond pass.

Level 607 is a two-part level where you have to use an elevator to move the diamond up.

Level 617 is a brand-new concept where you also have to move up a diamond, but you will be using an intricate machinery instead of the usual perfume.

You can also find challenging levels such as 604, 608, 612, 616 and 620, where your skills will be put to the test. 

We hope you enjoy this new episode of Diamond Diaries Saga!"

Have you been playing the new levels? Which were your favorites? 


Jelly Jenny with the Diamond Diaries Saga team 

Jelly Jenny Asked two weeks ago Edited two weeks ago

Woohoo...! I have done level 620 completed on today! ;) My favorite level is level 607 because I love the elevator is working to move up the diamond. And I pass challenging level 604, 608, 612, 616 and 620 without using boosters and add moves. These levels are no problem. Jelly Jenny! I will keep continue to next new journey with Lucy EVER and love Lucy wears glasses and pirate hat's outfit. (Hard and Super Hard Level) :D

Two weeks ago
Ah easy for a professional like you, Lim! Have a Brilliant day :)
Jelly Jenny Two weeks ago
Thank you so much! Jelly Jenny! :)
Lim One week ago

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Jenny--can I be blunt? King is messing up big time. Most of the levels aren't even challenging anymore. They are downright impossible because there aren't close to enough moves. I am tired of using my gold that I earn from working hard on King Care just to buy +5 moves on every single level. I am tired of having to do a level for 4 days straight and then end up using a booster bc I can't stand it any longer. I am still only in the 400s but I am tired of this game already. King refuses to listen and it breaks my heart. All I have asked is for a little more leeway with the moves so it is a little more fair. My requests have fallen on deaf As a SuperStar, this is very sad because I am about to give up completely on this game, and I seriously don't wish to even recommend it (though I would never come out and say that I hate it and it is a crap game, etc. because that wouldn't be fair for me to say either and I wouldn't do that to King, who generously compensates me in a wonderful way for my volunteer work). Thank you for listening. I hope this was respectful. I don't want to be rude or anything. Just stating my opinion. <3 Have a nice day.

Two weeks ago
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