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House rules

Welcome to the King Care forums, a place where we encourage you to enjoy conversation with other players and hopefully find all the tips and help you need to progress through our games. With this in mind, there are a few house rules that we ask all members to follow:


Keep the language clean

Foul language is a no no! Swear words or language that may offend is forbidden. Posts containing any foul language may be edited or removed.


Is your profile picture friendly?

It's great to personalize your profile by adding a picture. You can choose from our fun catalogue of avatars or you can upload your own. We do request that profile images uploaded must not include drug paraphinallia, nudity, offensive gestures, violence, swearing or any action that could upset or offend others. We also do not recommend using avatar images of children.


We're not fans of spam!

Spam is a pain and can occasionally pose a risk to other members. We define spam as posts which offer unlimited lives, boosters or free Gold Bars or coins, posts which offer products or services unrelated to King e.g. movies, TV shows etc... or malicious links to sites containing Malware. We take spam seriously. Offending posts will be removed immediately and your membership may be ceased.


Enjoy and be nice

The King Care forums are a friendly place, and we want all members to feel free to share their knowledge. We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour towards other members, moderators or King. Abuse includes foul language threatening or aggressive behavior or language that is deemed offensive. Please be aware that posting in CAPITAL LETTERS could be considered threatening.


Don't be shy, ask & answer

The King Care forums are a place to get help and help others. Looking for a question and can't find it, ask the community. If you have seen a question and can provide assistance, share your answer. We politely request that you do not purposefully ask a question with the intent of solving it yourself. Finally, if an answer has no relevance to the corresponding question it may be edited/removed.


We don't like blocking...

We understand, mistakes happen. However, those that consistently choose not to follow our house rules and terms and conditions will be blocked. We only block members as a last resort and if deemed necessary.


Let's talk about King games...

Without stating the obvious, the King Care forums are dedicated to discussing King games. So try and stay on topic. We love hints and tips so feel free to share YouTube videos or links to other sites that contain helpful information about King games (remember no spam).

Occasional off topic posts are fine, but anything deemed too controversial may be removed.

This list is not exhaustive. Please refer to our full terms and conditions for more information.