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***Superstar Information Post*** What happened to the envelope on Soda?

Hello Soda players.  The studio has made a change in the game and you might have noticed that the envelope has disappeared.  Here is what @Xarly had to say about this.

"This is not a bug but a new feature that is working as intended to clear space in your screen. Basically, the envelope icon will only show up now if there are lives there for you to receive, or if you can again send lives to your friends. If at a concrete moment you don't have any lives to receive or send, the icon will not show up."

So I just tested this out and reopened the same level 5x until I had no lives left. 

As you can see by the print screen above, the envelope is still visible.  I clicked on the envelope and below you can see that a box popped up saying that friends sent me lives. 

So if my friends hadn't sent me lives then the box would have disappeared until the lives were replenished or friends sent me lives.

The studio is always looking to improve and make updates to the games.  Hopefully this will now answer your question as to what happened to the envelope in Soda.

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Asked two weeks ago
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This is great. Thanks a lot Elsa! I hope all players with this issue get to see this and that it helps them better understand the new feature :-)



One week ago
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