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You need lots of boosters to pass the higher levels but they are not that hard to collect.

Yes, you need some boosters to complete the higher levels but you can get lots for free. I replay levels for color drops everyday and when my timing is right I can do it twice a day. I also make sure I have full helmets or space dash boosters before trying a hard level again (and again and again). I have never paid a penny for boosters. The daily calendar gives me some and I never miss my daily spin. To collect enough color bombs to win the space dash challenge try playing level 3309. If you beat the level,  the sugar crush can go on for 10-15-20 minutes, creating hundreds of color bombs. The space dash prize is boosters and some that last for hours. I'm currently at level 3725, the highest level offered to me. I know that are a few more so I hope I get the chance to play them soon.

Mary Kay Asked two months ago

Thank you for this, Mary! I will pass this on to the Moderator for you, and she will pass it on to the Team. :) I hope you have a nice day!

Two months ago
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Hello Mary,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Nowadays, it's not often that people take time to write when they're happy about something. You all made us smile, here in the office :) So thank you!

What's your favourite thing about the game then? And your favourite event or booster? I'm just curious to hear a bit more about your experience on the game!

Speak soon, Mary and until then, have a fun-tastic time :)


Two months ago
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You go girl! Level 3725 and climbing! Wow Mary Kay came to play! Great advise for us Soda-Heads. LOL Thanks!
Snagglepuss Two months ago Edited two months ago

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