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This question is a duplicate of: Candy Crush - HTML5

Why did my desktop change from the desktop version of candy crush to the mobile version?

Yesterday, when I opened up Candy Crush app in facebook via desktop computer, their was a change.  Instead of the usual desktop view, it loaded with the mobile style app that I have on my iphone.  Which is bad, because I had lots of boosters on my desktop app but now I have lost them all on mobile.  Can you out my desktop back to the way it was please?

Shawn Collins Asked one year ago

Hi Shawn-  Thanks for posting on King Care and for providing us with your feedback, we have indeed made a few changes so I have added your question to our main thread on this topic. I hope this helps. :-) 

Regarding your boosters, please note that the boosters are saved to your device and not the game data, so you can use them when offline too. This does mean that any updates, crashes or device changes can cause these items to be lost.

For this reason we do not recommend storing too many of the won boosters as these can indeed be lost unlike Gold Bars.Let's make things right again so that you can all enjoy your sweet adventures!

I will send you a private message so that I can check your account, please click on the envelope icon in the top right hand corner of your screen. As soon as you get back to me we can get this sorted :-)

Have a Candy Crushing week! 

One year ago
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