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This question is a duplicate of: Candy Crush - HTML5

Why did my Candy Crush format change?

I have been playing Candy Crush on my laptop for three years. Last week, the format changed to the same setup as when my girlfriend plays on her phone. I don't play on my phone for this reason. When she plays on her laptop, it still looks like the old format, but on mine it remains the new format on mine and I do not know how to switch it back. If there is a way to change back to the old settings, I would like to know, as I do not like the new format.

Mike DeReimer Asked one year ago

Hi Mike- Thanks for posting on King Care. There have been some tests and changes to the appearance of our games, I have added your question to the main post for more information :-)

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. 

One year ago
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