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What is the Beanstalk Challenge in Candy Crush Saga?

Have you ever wondered what's at the top of a magic beanstalk?  Now's your chance to find out! Magic Beans grow magic beanstalks and for those who are willing to take a chance to climb it, a wealth of sweet treats can be gathered, so start the climb!

What is it?

Troll's Beanstalk gives you the chance to pick from gift boxes to collect prizes for each tier of the stalk you reach.  Take a risk by picking another box on each step in the tiers and the next reward of prizes can be yours! But wait, the mischievous Troll is lurking and ready to snatch the hoard of winnings.  Pick your box wisely and dodge his grasping paws.

When can I take part?

When you get your chance to climb the beanstalk, you'll receive a pop-up notification in your game.  You should also see an entry in the events tab of your map screen, by tapping the button at the side of your main map screen.  Keep an eye on your game notifications which you receive to your device when you're not playing the game too, if you have them enabled.

How can I secure my winnings?

You can rack up some super sweet loot if you can pick the right box, but the control is always entirely yours.  If you don't want to risk losing your prizes to the troll, stop at any stage in the journey and collect and enjoy your hoard of winnings.  If you're feeling lucky, pick another box and see if you can add to your list of prizes. If the Troll turns up to steal your goodies, you'll have the opportunity to secure your winnings by paying the Troll in Gold Bars - so the choice is yours as to what to do.  Choose wisely and you could be on track to a bumper bounty!

When will I see it?

As with our challenges and events, they're not set by a schedule or calendar.   We like to keep things varied and fun - so keep checking your game pop-up's and notifications from time to time and jump on in!

What if others can play it and I can't?

In order to keep Troll's Beanstalk accessible and available for everyone, sometimes you might have access to it and your friends may not, or vice-versa.  This is so that everyone gets to play.  Keep in mind, you may have it when they don't too - so jump in whenever you get the chance and gather up those generous gifted goodies before the tricky Troll triumphs.

Cezdiamond Asked three weeks ago

why cant play the game

Three weeks ago
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@Sandra please can you search for the problem you are having or post a new question so that the community can help you out? 


Two weeks ago
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