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**Superstar Information Post** Can I opt out of playing the Buddy Challenge?

You asked for it .................. and King responded! 

The answer is YES but only on mobile devices right now.  First, make sure that you have the latest version of Candy Crush Saga.

1. To opt out of the buddy challenge, click on your settings button.

2. Click on the "Features" setting.

The option to not use the Buddy Challenge will now be accessible.

3. Uncheck this, and it will no longer be offered to you! 

But please remember that this is only available on your mobile device.

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Asked four weeks ago Edited four weeks ago

When I get lots of free 1 hour fish or free 1 hour special Candy is there a pause button so if you have to take a call or do something you don’t lose your free timed special gifts? 

Four weeks ago
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No, unfortunately, I do not foresee that being changed because it's a clock setting so once it starts it keeps going until the time runs out.
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Four weeks ago

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