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Is your Daily Treat Calendar stuck in Candy Crush Saga?

Image result for candy crush saga daily treat calendar

Are you experiencing a problem with your Daily Treat Calendar? We are seeing some players reporting that the calendar is stuck on day 1 or another day. 

If you are playing on Facebook please note that closing the browser or clearing the cookies may cause the calendar to reset because unfortunately the calendar feature is not stored in temporary data. 

If you are playing on mobile, please know that we are looking into this and we hope to resolve the problem soon. 

Many thanks! 

Cezdiamond Asked two months ago

It's just the opposite on mobile phone is fine and goes through all the days in the calendar. It's my PC that is stuck on day  1 and it must be two months or so bye now. The boosters are important and this needs to be looked at more closely.  Diane Lipko Oh by the way I have been playing for years and never had this problem so it can't be the clearing of cookies because I do that everyday. It just recently started so it has to be something else.

Two months ago
Edited two months ago
What is the answer,I've this problems since the treat calendar began i play on Facebook,so i don't know what is Cezdiamond saying leave the game on all the time need more information. Jim
Jim Karales Two months ago
No, still not corrected on works fine! And it's nothing to do with cookies or history because I clear them everyday.
Dimin450 Four weeks ago

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I have this same issue but clearing my cookies does not help. In fact, I just bought a new computer and played Candy Crush right away, thinking that it will work perfectly.  NOT!  

Seven weeks ago
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Thanks for letting us know, we will pass this on.
Cezdiamond Seven weeks ago

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Hi guys, I don't have the answer as to why it's stuck but are you playing the challenges for the games?  What about the sugar drop challenge for CC saga?  You can win up to 13 free boosters every 8 hours. Read more about it here:

And if you want some of the best levels to play the sugar drop challenge check it out here:

Are you playing Didi and Rami when they come out weekly? 

Three weeks ago
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Sorry Elsa but if you don't have the answer, why try sending us to another game, that may have yet another issue with it. Just fix CCS daily calendar enough alreay
Peggie Lou One week ago

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