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How come mobile levels are always behind PC / Laptop on Candy Crush Saga?

On my mobile it says I am waiting for new levels from 2570 and on PC I've completed level 2600 waiting for new levels. When new levels appear, the mobile catches up by 15 levels but always 30 levels behind the max. on PC. Also I have boosters on my mobile which don't show on my PC. Any way I can connect the two together?

Philip Rose Asked seven weeks ago

Hi Philip Rose,

Thank you for posting your questions here on King Care.

At times, levels, the amount of levels available and their objectives or the amount of moves available can differ indeed between the PC version and the mobile version of Candy Crush Saga and any other of our games.

For Candy Crush Saga new levels are most likely first released on PC. Afterwards, our Game Studio will adapt these new levels to the different mobile platforms available, like iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows.

Once these updates are ready, the release will then depend on the different stores, like the App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, etc.

This is why there can be a difference in the levels available on PC compared to those available on mobile.  

Our players often play on both PC and mobile. It is possible to synchronise progress between platforms and devices. You can use both your Facebook and/or your Kingdom account to synchronise your progress.

Your Gold Bars will also synchronise across the platforms and devices you play on. However, your boosters and lives will not synchronise as these will remain related to your mobile device and platform only.

At times, players find certain levels easier to pass on mobile as on PC or vice versa. You can try to play them on both and simply synchronise your progress afterwards and continue playing on the device you prefer.

In general, challenges are mostly available on the mobile versions of our games.

Kindest regards and have a great day,

Tony - King Care Team

Seven weeks ago
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