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We want to know what you think about the Cauldron Classic 2!

Hello Bubbles Poppers!

I hope you're all feeling great today because WE NEED YOU!

In order to make sure we always provide you with the best form of entertainment, we would really love to hear what you thought about our latest Cauldron Classic 2 event.

Please let us know here what you liked or loved, what you disliked and what you think could be even better ; let us know if you enjoyed or not, or had any issues with it. Basically, any feedback you can give us is good to take as long as it's constructive :-)

Thank you very much everyone!

- Mia

QueenMia Asked four months ago

I was really enjoying this until it prematurely vanished early. I do like all the extra event levels.

It would be nice if some of them were not so dependent on buying extra moves or using boosters as they can be too tricky, but I do like the challenges. I like the fact that there are different levels to the main game so when I get stuck on one I can go on the other :D

Four months ago
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