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Join the magic of Cauldron Classic III

Do you have the magic to impress? Where there's a wand, there's a way! Cauldron Classic is back for its 3rd Edition! 

Cauldron Classic III has begun, and time is of the essence. #WorkYourMagic and check back daily for a chance to win spellbinding rewards!

Calling all witches in the land, the Cauldron Classic is at hand. And out of all, one victor, to be made a character and 300 Gold Bars richer. So cast your spells and ears high scores and soon enough, glory could be yours!

The Witch who takes the game by storm, will see their life magically transform.

Join the fun and climb up for Magic Excellence!

QueenMia Asked two months ago Edited two months ago

Well done to the winner, Charlie Badillo. Meet him here :)

Four weeks ago
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