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Win Candy Crush swag with Sweet Air Fresheners at Tesco

If you’ve grown tired of funky stanks emanating from an array of funky places, you should try our Candy Crush Saga Air Fresheners - now available at Tesco.

Putrid fragrances and funks beware, you’re about to get a blast of that sweet freshness! You’ll stand in astonishment as off-brand smells and soul-questioning odours are eliminated by the power of Sweet Berries, Sweet Vanilla, Tasty Cherry, Diving Orange, Tropical Splash, and Delicious Apple


We are giving you, our valued player, the chance to win a stack of schwag so big and so decadent that Bacchus himself would blush at its glorious opulence!

Simply head to the Candy Crush Air Freshener website to enter the prize draw!

Competition open to UK residents only - terms and conditions apply, click here for more information.

What are you waiting for? Enter the competition now!


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