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What is the Kingdom?

The kingdom is about giving all players the opportunity to play with others, send and receive help and to synchronize your progress across all the devices that you use to play.

It is a complement to Facebook and allows social gaming for those players who don’t have or want to use a Facebook account. You can get extra lives, extra moves and help unlocking new episodes from other Kingdom co-players.  

You can choose your own nickname and avatar and by simply adding an e-mail and password to your account then you can synchronise your progress between devices and platforms

Kingdom is totally anonymous, and your data is always safe with us. On the map, your co-players can only see your nickname and avatar.

Click here for more information on how to create a Kingdom account.

Why is the Kingdom useful?

A Kingdom account has multiple benefits! You can save your progress and synchronize your games across all your different devices and connect to all the players in the Kingdom.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, or you don’t want to use it to save your game progress, you can always create a Kingdom account. It will save all your game data and keep your game. Or you can also sync your progression and scores with your Facebook account! For more information on how to create and sync a Kingdom account click here.

Why do I see avatars on the map?

The avatars on your map are your Kingdom co-players. They are allocated to you randomly and you can choose to interact with them to send and receive help or ignore them completely.


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