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Bubble Witch 3 Saga: guide to Stella's home

So, you have been enjoying the epic battles with Stella and now you want settle into your home for the evening?

You may notice that things are not how Stella would have left them. Your home needs some magic to return it to its former glory, as Wilbur left the place in a mess when he made a dash for it!

Now it is time for you to work your magic and make this house a home… with a little help from the fairies of course!

To rebuild Stella’s home you will need Star Dust! You can earn this by bursting bubbles and getting as many stars as possible. The better you score in a level the more stars you will receive, with 3 stars being the top score for each level.

For every 15 stars you receive, you will gain 1000 in Star Dust, which you can use to purchase upgrades for Stella’s home.

Time to go home?
To check on your house, click on the home icon. In this menu, you can buy and upgrade items around your house - if you have the required amount of

Star Dust
Once you have the right amount of Star Dust, click on the area you would like to upgrade. This will the give you three different style options, pick the on you like then wait for the magic to work!

Who lives nearby?
Fancy having a snoop at the homes of your friends nearby? Visit your neighbours’ homes and whilst you are there you can also collect extra Star Dust by capturing fairies!

Magical Rewards
Treating yourself to new items for Stella’s home can also gain you some magical in-game prizes. You will see a progression bar in the top left-hand corner of your game, this shows you how many upgrades you need to buy in order to unlock a chest.

Once the progression bar is full you will receive the rewards in the chest and the progression bar will return to 0 again.

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Susanna Barten One year ago