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Shuffle Cats: Beginner's Guide

You’re new in town, right? These rooftops sure can be tough, especially if you don’t know the ropes. Don’t sweat it though, if you stick with me, you’ll know your onions in no time! Read this here guide and you’ll be shuffling with the best of them!

First off, you’re going to want to learn the basics. Trust me, you don’t want walk into a card game without knowing the rules in and out. Remember, Shuffle Cats is an Online game, so you're going to need a strong connection in order to strut your stuff down Lucky Lane. 


The Ropes!

In the world of Shuffle Cats, we play a card game known on the streets as Regal Rummy. It’s an intense game that’s easy to pick up but takes a lot of practice to master.

Like any good card game, you’re going to need cards… obviously... Each player is dealt 7 cards, the rest of the cards are stacked face down on the edge of the game board - that pile is known as the draw stock. Got it? Good!

The player who gets the first turn has to pick up a card from the draw stock and then meld (if you can or if you want to) on the gameboard.

To finish your turn, place a card on the discard stock.

From here on in, each player must start their turn by picking up a card from either the draw or discard stocks and end their turn by placing a card on the discard stock!

So remember buddy, a turn goes like this...

      1. Pick up a card from either the discard stock or draw stock
      2. Place a meld or addition on the gameboard (if you have the cards to do so)
      3. If you’ve played your meld/addition or one isn’t available to you, place a card on the discard stock to end your turn

When you meld, you will get a card back from the draw stock for each card you have placed on the board! So if you place down 4 cards, you’ll get 4 back.

The first player to score 10 points wins the game and takes the glory!

Still confused? No worries, becoming a card king can take time and I can see that you’re new around here. Read on, grab a cold glass of milk and I’ll see if I can clear some of this up for you.


Selecting and playing cards!

This part is child’s play! To select a card, first click or tap on each of the cards you want to select. Once they’re selected, click and drag any one of the highlighted cards to the gameboard and all of those cards will move.

Release your finger or cursor to place the cards on the gameboard.

If they are valid melds or additions, they will drop onto the gameboard and you will receive points. If it’s an invalid meld or addition, the cards will fly back into your hand!

Hurry up though, there is a time limit and if you don’t make a move, the dealer will discard a card for you to end your turn!



Melds: Sets, Runs and Additions

Groups of cards played on the board are called ‘melds’ and there are two types, a set and a run.


A set is three or four cards of the same rank or number, so 4 aces or 3 threes.


A run is 3 or more cards in the same suit but in sequence, so a 3 a clubs, a 4 of clubs, a 5 of clubs, a 6 and so on. The maximum amount of cards you can ever have in a meld is 7!


Now say there are melds on the board but you don’t have any cards to create a set or run, rather than having to just discard a card to end your turn, you might be able to play what is known as an “addition” to a meld already on the gameboard.

Playing an addition

Additions can be added to a set or run; so if you have three aces on the board and you have an ace in your hand, you can play your ace on that set for a point.

Or if you have a 10, jack and queen of diamonds on the board, you could add a 9 and a king of diamonds - as long as your card/s makes sense at the beginning and/or end of the sequence on the board.


Rank and XP

Every time you win a game, you will gain XP. You get XP regardless of whether you win or lose, so make sure you play as many games as possible! The higher the stakes of a game the more XP you will gain.

You’ll notice your level indicator, fill this out with the required XP and you will go up in Rank. Rank’s allow you to unlock special abilities known as Lucky Charms!


Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms give you special abilities and are available from Bob’s Shop for free!
As you gain XP and increase your rank, more Lucky Charms will become available to you!

You can only have one Lucky Charm equipped at any one time, so make sure you try them all to decide which one suits your play style!

Kings and Queens

Play a King or Queen card to score double points!
This regal charm will give you an extra point for each King or Queen you place on the board. So if you meld a set of 3 kings you’ll get 6 points, 2 for every king!

Freeze Cards

Play a Freeze card to freeze one of your opponent’s cards!
Want to slow down your opponent and freeze them in their tracks? Playing this card will freeze one card in your opponent’s hand, meaning they can’t play that card until it thaws. They won’t be able to discard it either making it a dish best served… cold… I’m sorry… I couldn’t resist!

Extra Card

Play with an extra card until your 1st Meld.
Give yourself some extra flexibility and greater chances to meld with this Lucky Charm. You’ll be given an extra card until your first meld!

Zap Card

Play a Zap card to take a point off your opponent.
This card can save you from the jaws of defeat! When you play a zap card as part of a meld, it will remove a point. The more Zap Cards you play the more points will be removed from your opponent.



Gems make the world go round. In order to play games you’ll need to pay the required amount of Gems. As you make your way down Lucky Lane, the Gem amount required to play will increase, but so will the amount of Gems you can potentially gain when you win. If you lose a game you will lose the Gems used to buy in to the game, so try not to lose…

Every 4 hours you can claim 550 free gems. You can also play Hearts or Spades and potentially win more Gems or you can exchange Gold Bars from in-game shop to get more.


Gold bars

Shiny Gold Bars can be used to get more gems from the in-game shop and to participate in Walter’s Hearts or Spades game. There are also Card Clubs that require Gold Bars to play. You can get more Gold Bars from the in-game shop!


Game Modes


The Street

All newbies have to start their game on the street, this is where you’ll earn your stripes and get your practice reps in.

Each game you play requires a certain amount of Gems to enter. On the street this amount is fairly low, but low buy ins mean low rewards!

There are only 13 levels on the street and as soon as beat these levels you’re in the big time, Lucky Lane!

Lucky Lane

This where the real game starts. The best players from all around the world are on Lucky Lane, strutting their stuff and slinging Gems around like it’s going out of style!

Lucky Lane consists of the most exclusive Card Clubs! Like The Street, each one of these Card Clubs requires different amounts of Gems to enter and play a game. The stakes are a lot higher in Lucky Lane, as are the amount of Gems required play and as a result so are the rewards! Welcome to the big time.

The Gems required to buy-in to a game will increase the further down Lucky Lane you progress. Some Card Clubs even required Gold Bars as a buy-in.

You will most likely have to play multiple games in order to get enough gems to get to more exclusive Card Clubs, so persevere and keep on playing.

Hearts or Spades

Feel like trying your luck? Once a day you get one free turn on Walter’s Hearts or Spades game! Its pretty simple, guess whether the card is going to be a heart or a spade by dragging the face down card either left or right.

If you guess correctly, your reward will grow, get it wrong and you will lose one of your three lives. Lose three lives and you will walk away with a paltry consolation prize. After your free turn is over, you can play again by using Gold Bars.

Walter’s Workshop

That crazy cat Walter is always tinkering away in his workshop! You can be a part of his out-there experiments by entering Walter’s Workshop. Most weekends, Walter switches up the rules of Regal Rummy, creating a unique challenge for even the most hardened player!

Winning multiple games in a row will net you prizes! Win a maximum 7 games in a row to get the top prize!

Play the world at cards!

Whew, that sure was a lot to take in? If you’re still feeling unsure, why not read over the guide again. You can also check out the Shuffle Cats website or check out the FAQs.
I think you’ve got moxie kid, heed my words and you’ll go far! Just remember..

Amateurs practice till they get it right and pros practice so much they can’t get it wrong! So keep playing until you are a veritable card king or queen!

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