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Pet Rescue Saga: Top 5 Unusual Dog and Cat Breeds!

There are some alarmingly cute pets in Pet Rescue Saga but this post isn’t about all that huggy-wuggy goodness. We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill American Shorthairs or Golden Retrievers. Nay! A pox on them and their standardness!

We are gathered here today to delve into the weirder, saggier and often balder cousin of your popular canine and feline friends. We want to throw it up for our four legged brothers and sisters, oft left behind in the mindshare of cuteness. Here are 5 of the more unusual dog and cat breeds!

5. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has been described as a monkey in a cat’s suit; mostly because it’s able to perform tricks, is highly intelligent and can even recognise its own name (I think most cats recognise their own names but just can’t be bothered to to move upon hearing it).

Courtesy of YouTube Channel - - Love & Hate -
Foolish cats, chairs are for humans!

These odd looking felines are incredibly playful and loving - too bad their faces look like soggy fingertips!

4. Sphynx

The Sphynx looks like a cross between a pig, a cat and wrinkly neck skin. It’s a cat you either love or you hate.

Courtesy of YouTube Channel - egoist films
For shame Sphynx! Put some clothes on.

There is just something so creepy about the sphynx, like it’s up to no good. It also makes me feel uncomfortable; it’s the cat version of a naturist, just walking around naked and internally laughing because it’s been getting away with it for centuries! For shame sphynx, put some fur on!


3. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is what you would get if you crossbred Snoop Dogg with Abba and turned their progeny into a canine. The Afghan Hound is clearly the most glamorous of all dogs.

Courtesy of YouTube Channel - Keshetrescue
Like perfection. Ego alert, flawless. Absolutely flawless...

It's a dog so classy that if you were lucky enough to have one visit your house, you would be obliged to put on your finest clothes, wash the car and break out the fine china.


2. Bedlington Terrier

Although this dog has often had its appearance compared to that of a lamb, don’t mistake it for a gentle little beast - the Bedlington Terrier is one tough mother!

Courtesy of YouTube Channel - CutiesNFuzzies
Try and catch me ridin' dirty. I dare you

Said to be able to kill any dog of equal weight, this wolf in sheep’s clothing can be prone to jealousy. Any dog talking sideways should watch out - the Bedlington Terrier doesn’t play.


1. Brussels Griffon

This diminutive toy dog never fails to put a smile on my face. The big eyes and somewhat annoyed expression make this one of the more funnier looking dogs out there.

Courtesy of YouTube Channel - Burton Fowles
Darn kids..

Although they have nothing but cuddles in their hearts, they have the face of an old man, yelling at kids to get off his lawn.Of course this is all in jest! Like the great Dr Doolittle we love all animals, in all shapes and sizes! We’re fixin to bet you do to, so let us know in the comments, what unusual pets would you like to see in Pet Rescue Saga?


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