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Paradise Bay - Help is Here!

Ahoy me mateys!

Let me introduce myself...

I’m Cap’n Malarkey and I was once the most feared pirate in all the seven seas!

I would go from coast to coast causing havoc wherever I could.

These days however, things be a little more grounded. Me wooden legs are rotten and my days of scouring the oceans are long behind me, I prefer instead to explore the lands from the comfort of me own armchair with a nice jar o’ Rumfustian beside me.

I came across this little gem of a game called Paradise Bay and ‘shiver me timbers’ it’s wondrous!

Unfortunately, me exploring skills ain’t a patch on what they used to be and I need a little advice from time to time.

If, like me, you need to know more about yer crafting, Tradefests or how to uncover those hidden treasures then I’ve found the perfect places fer yer!

There is an amazing community site where the habitants are always friendly and willing to help each other out. So, show a leg and join up!

There’s also a treasure trove of information about the game to be found here:

Or, if yer fancy it, get social and follow the game on Facebook & Twitter:

So don’t walk the plank on yer own, check out these links and join the adventures! I can now explore the lands knowing someone has this ol’ seadogs back!

I best get back to my Rumfustian.

Signin' off!

Cap’n Malarkey


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