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New medal badges available in Bubble Witch 3 Saga!

The magical world of Bubble Witch 3 Saga needs wand-skills, potion power and tests of spell-ing (but not spelling tests!)

It's quite a lot to do to be a wonderful witch!

Now with the new medal badges, your magical talents will not only be recognized, but rewarded!  

As you play levels and blast your way through the many barriers of bubbles, you'll be given random tasks to meet that will return some cool medal badges.  As if the sense of pride and achievement wasn't enough - you'll also get the chance to fill your spell-pocket with rewards too.  Wand-erful! 

Replacing the previous 'Quests' feature, you'll find they're been revamped and upgraded to offer an even broader set of challenges and tasks.  Play the game in the normal way and you'll find medal badge rewards in different places in the game, with a variety of goals.

When this feature is active in your game, you'll also be able to check on the progress of any task by tapping the tab on the left of your main map screen. 

Here's an example of how a task will appear in your game...

And here's how your medal collection and progress will appear...

This shows your medals, plus the progress bar underneath each to show you the progress you've made in each task, so you can check where you stand at any time.

Keep aiming your wand at your next medal badge goal and go for the stellar reward!


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Eri23 Four weeks ago