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Magnificent tips for Shuffle Cats!

Shh, meow, shhh! Yes, I’m talking to you. I’ve never seen you around these streets! If you are new to this feline area, I would recommend you go through this swanky beginner’s guide. Be careful and watch out where you put your paws. Other cats might be looking for trouble!

If you are not new in town, you already know every rooftop and alley around. You have visited every casino and can do plenty of card tricks with your skillful paws… But you never have enough! Do you want to be the best among the rest? Magnificent! Follow these tips and you’ll be flaunting your sharp and skilled claws around the streets in no time.

Swap cards? Why not!

A good start gives you a better chance of winning. If you don’t like the cards you got you have the option to reshuffle for a better hand. If there are no consecutive cards of doubles, you can consider grabbing a new hand. You have to keep in mind that swapping cards won’t always give you a better hand. It’s up to you!

Skill and luck.

Keep in mind that having good luck might be crucial. Skill is very important, but you have to remember that chance and probability is also a factor to be considered. You have to take luck into consideration. But remember, skill and a defined strategy will increase your odds to win.

Don’t fall in love with your cards.

You never know when the card you are expecting will appear or even if it will appear before the game ends! Waiting endlessly for a card can demolish your chances to win. You should be constantly reevaluating and analyzing the situation. Do not keep cards for too long, you should be discarding cards that are not being used. Try to constantly get new options and avoid getting stuck with your initial intentions.

Keep an eye on the discarded stack.

Remember that there's only one deck in play, so there is only one card of each. If a card disappears in the discarded stack, it won’t appear again until the pile is turned over. Try to remember what was discarded. Good memory is key! Knowing what cards are still available and what cards are not will help you decide.

Learn from your rival.

Every game will be unique. You are playing against another real player. Every person will have a different strategy and playstyle. Be adaptive and try to understand how your rival is playing. Reading the situation will grant you a strategic advantage. Learn from failure and celebrate success! Nifty!

Get points as soon as you can.

We know how satisfying it can be to make a super play! But don’t miss the chance to score points when possible. Be careful chasing that MEGA MELD! The game could be done before you even have the chance to make it. Earn points as soon as you can and keep completing the existing combinations on the board to grand extra points. Remember. You will only get points for cards that are on the table, not on your hands. Play them!

Lucky Charms. 

The best way to maximize your strategy and amplify the result of your plays are Lucky Charms. Take them into consideration and use them in your favour. Learn how they work! 

Be strategic and practice your skills. Adaptation is key! Master these tips and develop your own tricks. Play your best hand! Are you ready to test them?


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