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Levels keep changing...

How many of you have noticed video tutorials that would not reflect your current in-game content?

Have you been struggling with a specific level for a while, only to realise it has changed?

It's possible that you'll see changes within a level, whether that be how many moves there are or what the objective is.

You may notice discrepancies between different platforms too. But don’t worry, it does not necessarily mean that your game is faulty!

Levels are made for desktop platforms first and then they get converted and optimised for mobile. As such, it’s also important to keep in mind that some upgrades made on Facebook or do not get reflected on mobile immediately.

As long as you have the most updated version of the game, you'll always be playing the correct version. Remember that the update is automatic on Facebook or whilst on mobile it needs to be installed via the App Store which can however be done automatically if your ‘Automatic app updates’ option is activated on your device.

Why is my level not the same as my friends?

When a new episode is released, each level is tested to make sure that we are offering the perfect amount of challenge and fun!

Our game designers monitor the difficulty of the latest released episodes weekly and based on feedback they decide to launch an upgrade or just leave the fun as it is.

Not to mention the tweaks our developers make when they notice a faulty level. In this case, it is necessary to make fine adjustments to improve the gaming experience.

As a result, if you're looking at video tutorials you need to make sure you filter your search by Upload Date, so that you can see the most recent version.

It's important to remind yourself that changes are not always a bad thing.

Although changes in the games can make some levels harder, others also helped to develop your puzzle skills and increase the playability of our games.

Don't give up on a tricky tweaked level! Be patient and keep playing to improve your already amazing skills!


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