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It’s Candy Show Time premiere on Sunday 9th! (US only)

Take your seat. Grab your delicious snacks. And get ready for the sweetest TV show on CBS. It’s Candy Show Time! Watch the contestants play on the biggest touchscreen in the world and compete in the most fun and challenging games!

Teams of two participants will have to come up with cooperative strategies and showcase physical agility to be crowned champions. You will find fan favourite characters from Big Brother 16 and Survivors on the show’s first episode. The host of the sweetest show on TV is the amazing Mario Lopez! If there is one thing that Mario Lopez does better than playing Candy Crush Saga it’s organizing chaos and keeping our contestants pumped for the challenges ahead! It’s sure to be a fun ride!

Watch the premier Sunday July 9th on CBS. The show will air at 9 pm in your time zone. It airs at 9pm on the east coast and 9pm on the west coast. (9:00 – 10:00 PM, ET/PT)

Who will be the champions? Make sure you don’t miss our incredible TV show to discover it. Find it out who has the sweetest moves! Every Sunday at 9pm. It’s Candy Time!


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Marisa1980 Marisa1980 Eleven months ago