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Introducing King Care Super Users!

We are currently in the process of updating King Care with new features. Our latest improvement, fresh out of the digital oven, is the Super User profile.

What are Super Users?

Super Users are players who actively help other players with game questions, for instance: how to complete a specific level in Blossom Blast Saga, how many levels are currently available in Candy Crush Saga or how to use the Lucky Charms in Shuffle Cats!

Super Users get awesome new features such as:

  • Super User avatar badge
  • Updated profile page showing you how many threads on King Care you have helped as well as points
  • A new profile page showing which King games you are currently playing and you’ll be able to add comments on your achievements as well as tips and tricks you want to share with fellow players
  • You’ll also get the ability to earn badges and points based on your activity on King Care

If you are interested in becoming a Super User, we would love to hear from you. Being a Super User is voluntary and only requires that you write helpful threads in King Care, in English, and have a good knowledge of King’s games! Click here to check out a Super User profile!

Comment below if you are interested in becoming a Super User!


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