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How to trade in Paradise Bay!

Ahoy, me stranger!

I can tell you are new in Paradise Bay… The ocean currents broad here! Ye have been sailing the seven seas and finally decided to stop in this wonderful bay - aye, aye!

Paradise Bay needs a new Trademaster and I think you could be our perfect fit. I will teach ye me secrets. With your help, the Paradise Bay will be producing a handsome bounty in no time! 

Let me start with the basics and we will get on to more complicated stuff later on. Are ye ready? Take notes!

The basic idea in trading is exchanging resources with another person. Sounds simple, right? It is very important to understand which items you need to keep improving your island. Trade what you have for the things you need. Trade wisely.

Ye can trade with the characters on the islands. Each of them will grant you different rewards and will ask for different resources as well. The more you trade with them, the better your relationship is. Get relationship points and increase their levels! Visit the Trade Post to learn more.

You can also trade with other players. To trade with other Trademasters, you have to sell items in Wesley’s Exports. Ye can buy goods from other people in the World Market. Keep an eye out for any good deals on produce that could help speed up your progress.

Unlock the docks to be able to trade with merchant boats. They won’t stay forever! So, whenever you find an interesting deal, don’t hesitate. Once a boat leaves, it might be gone for good. Sometimes, they might bring items that you can’t produce or get in any other way so be ready! Whenever you see an item you need, trade it!

It is crucial to managing your storage wisely. You can only store limited amounts of resources to keep an eye on your capacity. It is very important to have stock of the items you will need, but don’t overstock or there won’t be space for other stuff. Having your storage full of resources will allow you to trade a lot faster.

Who knows, maybe a boat with that rare item you were looking for will land at the dock. If you already have the resources stored, you’ll be able to make that killer trade before the Merchant sails away. If you manage your storage correctly you will be able to maximize the chances of great trades.

Use your coins and gems when you think it’s important. Maybe there is no one will know better than a great Trademaster when it’s the right moment to spend them.   

But don’t go crazy! You don’t need to swing every trade opportunity that comes your way. Make the trades that will benefit your bay the most. You will familiarize with everything as you progress and level up. Be patient and learn, get your own strategy and flow!

Remember, rare items have higher values. Keep an eye on them!

Aye, aye matey! Ye already have the basics to trade and become a great Trademaster in Paradise Bay. It’s time for ye to try it yourself and come with your own strategies.



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