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Give us your tips and win Gold Bars!


Please see this blog post where the winners are announced: 

We are turning over the reins of the blog to you, in our Candy Crush Saga Tips Competition.

We figured, who knows Candy Crush Saga better than you guys? No one, that’s who. Which is why we want to mine the combined might and wisdom of the King Care community for the finest Candy Crush Saga tips, tricks and strategies.

Why should you get involved? Easy, 1 winner and 2 runners up will receive awesome in game prizes!

All you need to do in order to enter is write, in the comments below, your best Candy Crush Saga tip, trick or strategy.

The 3 best tips will be featured in a blog so the rest of the community can bask in your glory!


1st 30Gbs + 3 color bombs

2nd 10Gbs + 3 color bombs

3rd 10GBs

How to enter:

  1. Sign up to King Care (if you haven’t already).
  2. Write your Candy Crush Tip in the comments below - under 100 words.
  3. In order to receive your Gold Bars, make sure that your games are connected via Facebook or the Kingdom. (For more information on how to do this, click here.)

Remember guys, this is competition about creating tips and tricks. To make sure that the comment section is on topic, any post that is outside of the spirit of the competition will be removed.

The competition opens at 19:00 EST on 3rd April 2017 and closes at 23:59 EST on 14th April 2017

Terms and conditions apply.


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