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Bubble Witch 3 Saga: Beginner's guide

Stella has finally defeated the evil witch Morgana. With Morgana gone, peace has come to Witch Country, but sadly, nothing last forever… Wilbur, a normally fat and lazy cat, starts capturing fairies and wreaking havoc across the land.

It’s up to Stella and her trusty sidekick, Nero, to get to the bottom of Wilbur’s sudden sinister transformation.

You’re going to need to graduate from magic school before you join Stella on her adventures!  So, take a seat, class is in session.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga 101

Magic school is now in session and today’s topic is Bubble Witch 101. Those who have already battled the evil witch Morgana, in Bubble Witch 2 Saga, will sail through this lesson with flying colors. Our new recruits will also find this just as easy, but it’s best to get a strong understanding of the basics before we move on to the more complicated stuff.

Like its predecessors, Bubble Witch 3 Saga is a game about matching bubbles. Matching 3 or more bubbles of the same kind will destroy them and remove them from the game board.

You make matches by shooting bubbles from your Bubble Shooter - which is the wheel at the bottom-center of the screen.

The Bubble Shooter usually contains two colored bubbles: the bubble at the top is your active bubble - this will be the next bubble you shoot, the bubble at the bottom will fire after you’ve fired your active bubble.

You can switch the bubble you want to shoot by tapping on the center of your Bubble Shooter (where the number is displayed).

Oh, you’ve noticed the number! This number is very, very important, it indicates how many moves you have to complete your objective. If that counter reaches zero and you haven’t satisfied the win condition, you will fail the level! So pay close attention to your moves counter.


We’ve got the basics down and I’m pleased to tell you, you have passed with flying colors. A’s for everyone!

The Bubble Shooter
The next lesson is controlling the Bubble Shooter. Aiming is child’s play, put your finger on the screen just above or below the Bubble Shooter and move your finger left or right to move the Aiming Line. When you are happy with your aim, release your finger to shoot the selected bubble

The Aiming Line
One of the awesome new upgrades from Bubble Witch 2 Saga is the brand new Aiming Line. In Bubble Witch 3 Saga the Aiming Line is always visible and extended, which allows you to see exactly where your bubble is going to end up - no more guesswork.

To create a match, you must link 3 bubbles of the same color together. When a match is created, all connected bubbles of the same color will be destroyed!

Bubbles that are separated from a cluster of bubbles, because of matches, will fall into the vortex.

Bubbles & orbs

As you can guess, bubbles are pretty important in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Some bubbles are there to help while some others are there to hinder! Identifying these can be the key to passing this class!

Normal Bubbles
These are the cornerstone of Bubble Witch 3 Saga - your bread and butter. There are five different colored bubbles: red, yellow, green, blue and purple, which are used primarily to create matches. Remember, linking 3 or more bubbles of the same kind will create a match!

Special Orb
This magical orb will obliterate even the peskiest obstacles. The Special Orb is formed from the energy of destroyed bubbles. When used, it will destroy a cluster of bubbles and blockers.

You can feed bubbles in your queue to the orb to accelerate its creation - simply click on the orb floating above Nero’s hat.

When the orb is ready, it will appear in your bubble shooter, giving you three bubbles to choose from. You don’t have to use your orb straight away, click on the center of the shooter to switch bubbles and save your orb for when you really need it.

The Special Orb is fired from your Bubble Shooter the same way normal bubbles are. Use the Aiming Line to preview where the orb will go and which cluster of bubbles it will destroy before you fire it.

Trouble Bubbles and Blockers

Double, double toil and trouble; what to do about these bubbles!? Trouble bubbles are obstacles that add a little extra challenge to your level. You’ll need to bring you’re ‘A game’ when tackling one of these bad boys.

Clone Bubbles
If a match happens next to a Clone Bubble, the Clone Bubble (and any Clone Bubbles connected to it) will change to the color of that match. It can sometimes cause trouble, but can also be helpful because other matches may be created as the Clone Bubbles start to change color and create chain reactions.

Black Bubbles
The Black Bubble is a bubble that cannot be matched but they can be destroyed by being hit with an orb, by being made to fall into the dreaded vortex or with a Power Bubble. These are pesky little blighters that need to be dealt with as soon as possible

Duo Bubbles
These bubbles contain two colors and to get rid of them you need to match them twice!

For example, if the duo bubble is red and green, you need to match it with at least two other red bubbles and two other green bubbles to destroy it. There is no particular order you must follow for which of the two colors you match first, so start with the color that is most convenient for you.

These stone monsters have normal bubbles in their mouths and can only be destroyed when their mouths are open. You can destroy Golems by matching them with bubbles that are the same color as the bubbles in their mouths or by using Power Bubbles. As an added wrinkle, they alternate between having their mouths open and closed each turn so time your matches carefully.

Clouds hide the content of the bubble they are attached to - shooting at a cloud is a mystery. Once you hit the cloud with a bubble, it will disappear, revealing the bubble behind. Creating a match with a bubble that is hidden behind a cloud will destroy surrounding clouds, but only if the Cloud is obscuring parts of the match you have created.

These annoying little rodents attach themselves to bubbles. The only way to destroy a bat is to create a match with the bubble they have made their home. If their bubble falls (rather than being destroyed) they will flap their annoying little wings and find somewhere else to rest.

Spider Web
Bubbles trapped in the Spider Web can’t fall. To destroy the Spider Web, destroy the bubble at its center. The web can be destroyed by either matching it or by using a power-up.

Ice renders a bubble unusable and the only way to crack the ice is to create matches around it.

Power Bubbles

These bubbles can tip the odds back in your favor. When used strategically, they can be the difference between winning and losing!

Fairy Nest
Hit the Fairy Nest with the color you want to remove and the fairies will fly away and erase all bubbles of that color on screen.

Bursting these will give you extra moves. The +3 starts with a value of 3 extra moves. However, it will deplete by one move for each turn that it’s not collected. Prioritize collecting these bubbles; they often appear in levels that start with a low move count.

Hitting the Lineblast with a bubble will cause it to destroy a horizontal line of bubbles.

Directional Lineblast
The Directional Lineblast contains an arrow and when you hit the Directional Lineblast with a bubble, it will destroy all bubbles in a straight line, depending on which direction the arrow is pointing. The direction the arrow is pointing will change after each turn -  so be on the lookout for tactical opportunities.

Fire Cracker
Hitting the Fire Cracker will cause it to explode and destroy any three bubbles.

Game Modes

On to the next lesson! We know what the bubbles do, we’ve identified Trouble Bubbles and Power Bubbles, now we have to put this knowledge to practical use.

Collect the required number of Owls!
Each Owl has a specific color and these colors correspond with the color of a bubble. Create a match that is the same as the color of an Owl in order to collect it!

Clear a path through the bubbles to make the ghost fly to the top of the screen! Every time you create a lane that is further up, the ghost will make his way to that path.

In Boss mode, you must defeat the nefarious Wilbur. Wilbur’s health is represented by the green life-bar at the top of the screen - underneath the HUD. Wilbur will refresh the screen with new bubbles after every turn.

Releasing fairies will take down Wilbur’s health. When his health is down to zero, you will pass the level and send Wilbur running with his tail tucked firmly between his legs.

Clear All
This is a very simple mode to understand. All you need to do is make sure you clear all the bubbles within a level. When there are no more bubbles left on the board, you win!

Stella’s Home

After an epic battle with Stella, Wilbur has destroyed Stella’s home while making his escape! The house is now a complete mess; the bench is broken, the path is cracked and the grass is overgrown. It’s up to you to restore it – with a little help from the fairies.

To rebuild Stella’s home, you will need to get stars – by completing levels. The better you do in a level the more stars you will receive (up to a maximum of three stars per level).

For every 15 stars you receive, you will gain 1000 Star Dust, which you can use to purchase upgrades for Stella’s home.

Upgrading your home
To access Stella’s home, click on the home icon. In this menu, you can buy and upgrade items around your house - if you have the required amount of Star Dust.

Once you have the right amount of Star Dust, click on the area you would like to upgrade. You will then be given three different style options, once you choose a style, you will then have to wait a certain amount of time until that item is created.

Your home and rewards!
Buying new items for Stella’s home can also gain you awesome in-game prizes. You can track how many upgrades you need to buy to unlock a chest by looking at the progression bar at the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Once you max out the progression bar and get your prize chest, you will get access to more house upgrades and another chest.

Other People’s Property
Fancy checking up on the neighbours? You can visit other player’s homes. While there, you can also collect extra Star Dust by capturing fairies!

Quests are game objectives that you can complete for Star Dust.
Clicking on the Nero icon at the bottom of the screen will take you to the quests page. Here you will see what you need to do to complete the quest and gain your prize. Once you have achieved your objective, return to the quest page to claim your Star Dust!


You can use Gold Bars to purchase a plethora of magic Spells from the in-game shop. Each Spell allows you to do something powerful in the game.

Stereo Bolt
Use this spell to destroy a horizontal line of any kind of bubbles.

Sparkling Blast
Witches bomb! This spell will remove a circular area of bubbles.

Magic Beam
Handle with care! It will wipe out a wide area of whatever it finds in its way up to the top of the screen.

I’m pleased to inform you that you have sailed through Magic School with flying colors. You are now part of a grand tradition of Witches and we know you have what it takes to take down Wilbur and restore peace and order throughout the land!

Remember, if you need refresher lessons you can check out the FAQs, ask a question on King Care, check out the Bubble Witch 3 website, Facebook and Twitter pages or come back to the blog, where we will be providing updates. Good luck, but we doubt you’ll need it, hot shot!



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