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Blossom Blast: Beginner's Guide!

Budding digital gardeners from across the globe, await no longer! Blossom Blast Saga is here. The adventures of the precocious bumblebee, blossom, and her beautiful garden is one fraught with challenges and obstacles that only your seasoned green thumb can tackle.

We can’t let you go out there unprepared though, no. The garden can be a scary place, there are knotted weeds, glass and the odd mole hole to contend with. So we want to drop some knowledge on you and make sure you roll into Blossom Blast Saga a 'gardening guru', glowing from all the flower power you possess within.

How do you play Blossom Blast Saga?

If you’ve played Candy Crush Saga or Farm Heroes Saga, you may find this game a little unfamiliar; whereas in those games you match things by swiping them into different positions, in Blossom Blast Saga you link flowers in long chains to make them bloom.

In Blossom Blast Saga you have to link three or more buds of the same color to make them grow. Once they reach a certain size, they will bloom causing the flowers around them to grow too.

If you link enough buds together, you can even create a Super Bloom, which will cause all the buds around to explode into a flower burst.

Creating a link is very easy to do, simply swipe along the screen over the flowers that you want to match. When you let go of the screen, if your link is valid, the flowers bloom.


You can link in any direction as long as the next flower in the chain is adjacent to the previous flower.

Game Modes

We’ve got the basics down, your linking like you’ve been doing it all your life but Blossom Blast is about more than just linking, there are different game modes that will challenge your gardening skills in so many different ways.

Scoring Mode
In scoring mode, you have to achieve a specific target score in order to complete a level. You gain points by linking flowers together and creating blooms.

Big Bud Mode
To complete this mode you will have to pop all of the Big Buds. Each Big Bud has a number and when that number reaches zero, the bud will explode.


You can decrease this number by linking flowers of the same color as the bud, into the bud. Alternatively, you can create blooms next to the buds, which will also decrease the number.

It’s worth noting that linking flowers of the same color as the bud will reduce the number far quicker than creating blooms!

Remove all the weeds
To remove all of the weeds you have to link a chain of 3 or more flowers next to it. The effect will only take place on the last flower in the link chain. Weeds also have different levels, so bigger weeds will require several links before they disappear.


What kind of game would it be if there weren’t any pesky obstacles in your way, trying to stop you from completing a level?

Dreaded weeds are the enemy of every budding gardener out there! To get rid of weeds you will have to create links next to the weeds.

The effect of the link will only take place on the last flower in the link chain, so make sure to have your link end at the weeds. Some weeds have several stages and require more than one link to eradicate! Big Flowers and Super Blooms will rid you of weeds quicker than your average link.

Glass is a tricky obstacle that has to be eliminated in a very specific way. To shatter the glass you have to link uncovered buds to those under the glass.

The longer the link the more likely you are to make a flower boom, which will help shatter the glass quicker!

Moles are cute but messy! Each turn they are not dealt with, they will borrow holes in your garden and reduce the amount of space you have to maneuver.

Linking buds next to them will impede their progress. Molehills will take several links before they close but will close quicker if they are hit with a big flower or a Super Bloom. Closing all Molehills in a level will stop them from burrowing.

Plant Pots
Plant Pots are like prisons to flowers. Rebel against them by knocking them down!

Plant Pots can be destroyed by creating links next to them. Plant Pots have different stages; the more intact they are, the more links it will take to fully clear them. Big Flowers or Super Blooms will destroy a Plant Pot quicker than simple links.


We all need a little help from time to time. In the garden there are few things more useful that the trusted shovel.

The shovel

It can remove weeds, break glass and also remove flowers!


The Watering Can

Flowers love water! Use the Watering Can to grow a cluster of buds and create a stronger link.

The Color Palette

The Color Palette booster can be used to transform a bud or flower into a new color.

That’s it, consider your self primed. It’s time to put those green thumbs to serious use and tend to your digital garden. Play Blossom Blast Saga on iOS and Android now!



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Diana Ramirez One year ago
Diana Ramirez One year ago