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Are you a Soda champion?

There comes a time in every Candy Crush Soda Saga player’s life where they have to take a hard look in a mirror (made of candy of course) and ask themselves, am I a Soda Champion?

Toss and turn in bed, night after night no longer! You can now prove to yourself and the whole world that you are indeed the Champion of Champions, the crusher of candies, the most divine!


How does "The Divine Tournament" work?

The Divine Tournament consists of 9 divisions – bronze being the lowest and divine being the highest. In order to rise through the rankings and flaunt your royal stuff, you will have to compete in  a range of weekly live-events.

If, at the end of the week, you finish at the top of the live-event’s leader-board, you will move up a division. Also, the top 10 players in any division will receive boosters and other in-games goodies. Winning isn’t everything, but it’s pretty good!

The Divine Tournament can also be a cruel mistress. Players that finish at the bottom of the pile will be demoted to the league below!


How do I enter?

Qualifying for the Divine Tournament depends on which live event is featured that week.

Qualifying criteria:

Allen’s Star Contest
Collect 3 Stars

Kimmy’s Fishing Contest
Collect 20 fish

Striped Candy Contest
Collect 20 striped candies


The Live Events

Each week you’ll have to test your crushing skills in one of three taxing live-events, Allen’s Star Chase, Striped Candy Contest and Kimmy’s Fishing contest.

Allen’s Star Chase
Intergalactic backpacker Allen the Alien is lost and needs your help to get him back on his way!

In this live-event, you’ll need to collect stars by completing levels. The better you do in a level, the more stars you’ll collect!

To boost the number of stars you collect, play your last unlocked level. You will receive a 10x multiplier on the stars you collect in that level!

Striped Candy Contest
In the Striped Candy Contest you need to collect as many striped candies as you can before the event ends.

To collect striped candies, you have to create a match of four candies in a row! Once the striped candy has been created it will be added to your tally. You don’t have to keep them on the board once they have been formed, so feel free to use the striped candies to your heart’s content.

Remember, there is a catch! If you fail a level, you will lose all the striped candies you have collected during that level.

Try and find levels that have only 4 colors or have more open spaces. The more open the board is, the easier it will be to create striped candies.

Kimmy’s Fishing Contest
Nothing is more relaxing than trekking down to a beautiful lemonade lake, getting out the old fishing iron and wiling the day away to the sweet sounds of nature. Help Kimmy on her fishing trip by collecting as many Swedish Fish as humanly possible!

During this live-event, when you match with a Swedish Fish it will be added to your total. In order to bank those Fish, you need to complete the level.

Failure to complete the level will result in you losing all of your Fish! Eek!

Playing the last level you have unlocked will net you nifty 10x multiplier of any fish you have collected. So if you really want to make waves on the leader-board it pays to play your latest level!

The only thing left is for us to get this show on the road! The Divine Tournament is running right now, yes right this very second! Show the world how good you are at Candy Crush Soda Saga and rise through the divisions like the ultimate champion you are!


Play The Divine Tournament


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