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A Sweet day with our Candy Crush Saga™ community in our Kingdom!

On the 15th of June 2017 we had the delicious honor of receiving a group of wonderful Candy Crush Saga™ players to our central office in Stockholm. We had a lot of sweet surprises prepared for them! Do you want to know more?

Who was there?

We had our wonderful Marchiano Leon as a MC hosting the event for the second time. Along with Marchiano, there was Tim Browne, Studio Game Design Director and the development team of the Candy Crash Saga™ game. All of them were ready to meet and greet everyone invited to our Sweet and Divine Kingdom!

What did we do?

We had so many Sweet activities ready for our guests! There was a live level competition. Players had the chance to design their own Candy Crush Saga level. They had delicious drinks and food to fuel their creative brains when they run out of imagination.

Players could get Candified by Marie, Mattias and Sandra in Delicious caricatures and portraits. They did awesome! Our guests could also get their nails done. Who doesn’t want to rock a Candy Crush themed manicure?

Tim Browne did a presentation about the new Candy Crush TV Show. Everyone there had the chance to see some cool behind the scenes pictures and videos. Everyone was so excited!


The winner of the Level design competition will get their level live in the actual game! How cool is that? They also won a wonderful Tiffi figurine signed by the original Candy Crush Saga development team. There were tons of merchandise and Sweet stuff for the contest winners. 

It is a pleasure for us to interact with players in our Kingdom. We are hoping to have many more events in the future. We had so much fun!


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