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A Superstar guide to level 304

As level 304 loads and scrolls down through the board, you will notice that the pattern of where the bubbles (and owls) sit is the same all the way down.

This makes it easy to predict where you need to clear.

This is a collect the owls level and the strategy I use in this one is to ignore the owls until I can see them all, or the top of the board.

Each time you collect an owl, the owl will release a fairy.

So sometimes in collecting one owl, will result in the fairy collecting another for you, as you can see in the video example.

The main tip is to aim high!

When ever you can, send your bubbles to the highest point you can see for them to make a match within the game.

I found the most effiecent method was to clear up the middle of the board first.

To start, choose a bubble that is the correct color for each side of the board and use this to clear the pumpkins from the middle. 

Do this as far up as you can, then zig zag your shots across the board, bouncing off the sides, to remove leaves and bubbles.

Continue this pattern, removing the middle then zig zagging up, until you can collect all the owls.

As you work your way up you will inadvertantly collect some owls, but do not waste bubbles getting any until you are at the top of the board.

They will gather together in groups of the same color and be much easier to get.

The last owl is often in the left top corner of the board, so will need plenty of bubbles to get to.

Nero's orb is also very useful in this Level. Make sure to fill the orb any time you cannot make a useful match.

Then use the orb to shoot as far as you can between the bubbles or through the leaves to get to the top of the board.

Don't be afraid to send the orb, or bubbles, up where they might clear above where you can see on the board.

This board has a predictable bubble pattern so you can tell what is ahead.

You can see in the video example that I reached that last owl (in the top left corner) with Nero's orb by shooting blindly.

Aim high, zig zag, use Nero, and with some help from the fairies  Level 304 can be more fun than you thought!

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