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Hello dear members,

QueenMia here! I hope you all had a great weekend and that your Monday is not too grey!

Today, I need you help! I would love to hear your opinion about King Care and that would be really helpful if you guys could fill up this short survey: 

I know there's a bit of frustration going on with the games at time, but please, try to keep the feedback on the site's functionalities and use only. Bear in mind that, if the site is better, we will be able to provide help quicker so it's a good reason to express yourself ;-)

Also, feel free to comment on this thread and introduce yourself to the Community!

Thank you very much, looking forward to reading your comments. Until then, have a great week everyone!

- Mia

QueenMia Asked four months ago Edited four months ago

I hope you can help. Chicken Slayer has been trying to be helpful for over 3 months now. I play Candy Crush Soda Saga. I haven't been getting my rewards from the gift boxes. The game owes me 42 lollipops, countless time with bombs and it not giving me all the gifts when I get on the rainbow road. Twice, one admin gave me some gold bars. But if you can give gold bars, why not restore the lollipops and time to my game? I've asked many people on line. Saw other people online who got there's fixed. Yet i keep getting ignored. I tried calling you number. No answer. I tried the 24/7 online. Nothing. I tried talking to a couple of main people who are on You tube, and they have been having trouble for a year with the same thing. I was told to give up, they no one will help. But I don't believe that. You helped some people. I hope you can help me.

Four months ago
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Hey Cat,

What a great nickname :-) 

My friend Xarly is taking care of your problem - You can see his answer on your previous post: 

It seems that we found the origin of your problem so hopefully it finally gets fixed ;-)

Four months ago
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Hi Queen Mia. :-) I'm on the game and I don't see my avatar anywhere on the game in the 600 or 720 when i really notice it was acting up. So It still isn't fixed. :-(
Cat Four months ago

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