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*Superstar Information Post* My level is different, why?

You're stuck crushing candies or battering chickens with shovels (my favourite) and you get frustrated because you just don't have enough moves to complete it. So you scour the internet and find videos and blogs to help in your level. But wait a moment? How come they have 10 more moves than I do? Or they only have to collect 30 Strawberries and I have to collect 230? As an avid player and blogger, I hear you!!

King is very data driven and they will listen to players feedback. 

When they release levels, most bloggers are on the top of the levels and will rush to make video's/write blogs as quickly as possible before everyone else can. Some of them think its all about the views rather than helping players. 

And that is fine, if you are on the top of the levels. If you are not, the information out there could have been there several months. In that time, King have had complaints about levels being too hard, or the fact they are so easy, the entire episode was cleared in an hour and therefore will change levels based on this. So what might have been easy for the blogger, is now harder. What was impossible at the time of release, might now be easier. 

It always helps if you use a blog, to just send the blogger a quick message telling them its changed. Its impossible for bloggers to keep on top of it without your help. 

On top of that, sometimes King decide to change things up a little, in order to keep the games fresh and new. So you might find what was level X, now longer is and it might actually be level Y now. 

Again, post on the blogs, or post on here, with a screenshot of the level (before you make any moves is better) and we can try to work out which level you are on and then the help we can give you. Just remember to be polite. King care do not make the games, the moderators and Superstars can only relay feedback ;)

We also have the official link here with suggestions to help from King :)

We are here to help you :)

Chicken Slayer
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Asked six months ago Edited six months ago
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Great article! Thanks so much :-) 

Three months ago
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