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Join the new Candy Crush Friends Community - Gold bars and boosters await!

Hello everyone! 

The fun-tastic, the amazing, the brand new sweeter than ever Candy Crush Friends Saga is here!! Now, good news comes in threes, so there is more to it! 

Not only can you finally download and play Candy Friends, but you can also join our vibrant Community and find plenty of sweet weekly rewards. 

And it starts now with 2 chances to win! Beat the Queen and answer the QuizzMia and win up to 50 Gold Bars and 3 boosters!

So why wait?! Join us now for the sweetest adventure!

Mia and the whole King Team :)

QueenMia Asked six days ago Edited six days ago
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Hey Suzy, it’s working fine for me though. But go to: 

If it’s still not working, try clear your cache and cookies and restart your browser! 

To log in, use your email address but do not use Facebook - click on forgotten password, you will receive an email and be able to log in from there.

 \ Got a King Care account? Click on “Forgot Password” in the Log In window and we’ll send you an email to reuse that same account.

Let me know how that goes :)

Six days ago
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Edited six days ago
Other Answers do we access it? Because it is just showing a blank white screen when I try to access it through fb on Firefox or Chrome.

Six days ago
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