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Is your game crashing on your mobile device?

You are in the middle of crushing some Candies, or saving some cute Pets when... the game crashes!

Uh oh!!!!                                                            

We can understand your frustration and we want to help you get back on track and back to your game as quickly as possible. 


Let's fix things together, please see our troubleshooting steps below. 

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Cezdiamond Asked three months ago Edited three months ago
The game candy crush saga was hanging. Is must remover the app and load it again. Mine level was the level where was the crash. But all mine hands, lolly's and boll wherry gone away. Its complete empty.There is a lot of money gone.Theo Heemskerk
Two months ago
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Hi Hennie- I will send you a message so that we can check this :-)
Cezdiamond Two months ago

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